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Born in Montreal in 1979, Farrah Lee was born and raised around art. Her experience with art classes as a child sparked an interest in her. She started experimenting with drawing and painting as ways to express her adolescence, a need that follows her even now. At the young age of 25, Farrah owned an art school and had the incredible opportunity to manage many teachers and hundreds of students each year. The experience taught her that, though she treasured fostering other’s creative endeavours, she needed to prioritize her own art and creativity. Farrah poured herself into creating new pieces and finding innovative ways to express herself. Since then she has produced a vast collection of paintings and sold several to private collections internationally. Thanks to her hard work and the support of those around her, Farrah enter’s this next chapter of her life ready to take the plunge and begin a full time career as a contemporary expressionist artist.

Artist Statement

Moved by vivid colour and energetic brushstrokes, Farrah Lee is passionate about incorporating both into her art. Never wanting to find herself stagnant as an artist, she constantly experiments with new mediums and finds ways to bridge them with her true love, acrylic paint. She seeks out statuesque shapes and uses vivid, contrasting colours to create paintings and sculptural pieces that seek to move and inspire. Evoking dreamlike exploration in abstract forms, her abstract expressionism is the language in which she communicates emotion and life experiences. She finds herself most free when working on large scales that allows her art to evolve and move with her inspiration, a true intuitive painter.

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